52 Tele reissue wiring

The electronics on the ’52 tele where somewhat different to that of the earlier version. The normal 3-way pickup selector wasn’t introduced until the last 60′s which meant that there was no ‘both’ pickup setting that included a tone control (See next paragraph). This is somewhat significant in t[......]

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52 Tele reissue specs

This is without a doubt one of Fenders best production guitar. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do witt these other then put them down! If you’ve played one then you know what I’m talking about. The neck has a 7.25″ 1 piece maple neck with 21 vintage frets. The body is a lightweight ash[......]

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52 Tele reissue for sale

There is no serial # on the bridge plate. Just says Fender PAT. PENDING 44xxx (at work. Don’t have the guitar nearby and didn’t write it down).

So, are we figuring between $2500 – $3500 ? Thanks guys for the input.

BTW, it plays great. I love the 7.25″ neck radius and the U-shaped neck. Ne[......]

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52 Tele reissue neck

Well, according to ‘The Fender Telecaster’ book by A.R. Duchossoir, the earliest necks had a pronounced ‘V’ shape and their thickness was about 1 inch. He also states that by 1951 the necks became more rounded but still pretty similar to the early ones.

I understand that the variances caused[......]

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52 Tele serial number


Just when I get done complaining about how much I hate cherry picking for good Fender guitars like Strats and Jazz basses - I stumble upon another good Fender (despite my best efforts to stay out of music stores, I feel this irresistable *PULL*).  The store wasn’t sure whether it was rea[......]

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52 Telecaster serial number

Pre-1977 Fender guitars have a serial number on the bridgeplate or neckplate. Serial numbers are basically chronological, but there is some overlap amoung years. Fender serial numbers were assigned like this: bin with serialized plates/bridges. Assembler reached in and grabbed one (or many). Put[......]

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52 Telecaster sound

Top – Eastern Maple
Body – Honduras Mahogany
Binding – Period Correct ABS
Adhesive – Hide Glue/Top&body – UF
Neck – Honduras Mahogany
Profile – Period Correct Soft V Shape
Truss Rod – Traditional 1 Way Truss Rod
Neck Joint – Long Tenon
Fingerboard – Brazilian Rosewood
Frets – Late ’[......]

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52 Telecaster sale

Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster main features include:
Premium Ash Body
Neck: 1-Piece Maple, “U” Shape (Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish with Satin Back)
Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5″ radius (241 mm)
21 Medium Jumbo Frets
Pickups: 1 Custom Vintage Tele (Bridge), 1 Seymour Duncan Vintage[......]

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52 Telecaster tuners

helping you build a better guitar every day”

worldwide shipping

description: official fender ’52 reissue telecaster neck complete w/ vintage tuning pegs- fender ’52 reissue telecaster- 1-piece maple- oval shape- 7.25″ radius- 21 vintage frets- genuine fender

condition: mint

year: 201[......]

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